San Diego, CA.

The Brand:
<mark>client name<mark> is a streetwear clothing brand run by <mark>client name<mark> that has been established since 2020. <mark>client name<mark> is a brand that is always
reaching for new heights. The minute we met <mark>client name<mark> his drive and passion for the community resonated extremely well with us and
our agency’s ideals. Right after our first call with <mark>client name<mark> we were motivated to make <mark>client name<mark> dreams a reality of scaling his brand to all new levels.

The Challenge:
Before coming onboard with our digital marketing agency, <mark>client name<mark> had never run paid advertising from a Facebook ad account and was only boosting posts with no insight on their sales performance. We wouldn’t necessarily say that <mark>client name<mark> had a problem when onboarding with us, but we knew <mark>client name<mark> had massive goals on his forefront and our goal was to make that possible for him. The day that we first spoke to <mark>client name<mark>  was three weeks away from his next release. We had our work cut out for us. This left the focus on being able to prep everything we needed prior to the release and ensuring that it brought in the best results possible. <mark>client name<mark>'s goal  goal has always been to do better than his last release, so we knew right away what the client wanted. Now it was just a question of how. We took part in the first release and to be honest we didn’t reach the levels we were expecting due to an ad account <mark>client name<mark> disablement but we knew that if we were persistent each and every drop we would do amazing things.

The Solution:
Following the first release we were hungrier than ever. We were confident in our systems and just simply stuck to the process. Where we were really able to capitalize for <mark>client name<mark>, was on our pre-release funnels. We knew that if we pulled the rubber back far enough before every release it would just sling shot as the products were live on the site. We also came up with a creative approach because we saw that. <mark>client name<mark> customers needed more of a sense of community, so we decided to put together a discord after our 3rd release which we were then able to drive traffic to. Release after release we would go deeper and deeper into our full funnel structure by analyzing the data after every release
and seeing what we could’ve done better. One of the biggest things we learned about indigo studios was that if we teased the release earlier than normal we would build much more anticipation prior to the release. Another thing we learned as we started to gather more emails/sms was that early access in the discord was our best friend but their was a catch to it... the customer had to comment on the post to get early access to the release which really helped us because it naturally boosted the organic engagement and placed us very well in facebook's auction system.

The results:
As I said our first release wasn’t the greatest in our eyes as an agency but it was in fact his biggest release yet coming in at $8,712. Ads attributed for 56% of total revenue which was very promising taking in account the ad account got disabled mid-release. We knew we had the leverage to make the next release even better. The second release was a lot better in terms of percentage increase where we were able to pull off $15,862. This release gave us the confidence there was a large amount of upside for us in the up and coming releases. During this release we spent $1,025 to make back $7,745 coming in at a 7.5x return on ad spend which in our eyes was a decent release but we knew we could do even better. The third release we had a pretty good grip on the ad account and knew what to expect so we went into this release with the same ad account structure but decided to use some of our budget to dig deeper with our audiences and creatives knowing it would play out in the long run. We spent $1,089 to make back $8,090 but this time <mark>client name<mark>  decided to do early access which brought in more organic sales with the total release revenue coming out to be $23,322. The 4th release we knew we had something special going so we decided to get creative with it. We rolled out our discord and started driving pre release traffic 30 days in advance after seeing that our pre release funnel was pulling a lot of the weight in the account. We knew if we gave it more time to gather more momentum and get more entries into the discord the release would go even better. We were able to drive 18,000 likes, and 6,500 comments to the pre release post. At the end of february we did an early access release to the discord and pulled $38,505. We knew we were in for something good coming into the general release alongside knowing our pre release funnel did in fact drive a lot of momentum. Release date finally came around and we had our ads all ready to go... 2 minutes into the release we had already pulled $30,000 plus at a 1000x+ return on ad spend. We took advantage of the situation and decided to push spend aggressively with the little time frame that we had. As the release came to a finish we had
managed to pull a total of $219,617 including our early access and general access with the store only being open for a total of 24 hours. We had spent a total of $334 to make back $108,627 coming in at a 324x return on ad spend just on the general release funnel that we were running while products were live on the site. But wait, this isn’t all. Following the 4th release we had some confidence going into our next release with a proven approach. We simply doubled down on what was working with a similar product release and ran with the same roll out as before.Only thing that was different, is we went into it with heavier budgets with a new product. We ended up spending $2,892 on our prerelease campaigns and we decided to do early access a week prior to the release which generated $70,675 so we knew we were in for a good one based on our last release. On the two days during the release we finished off spending a total of $10,000 to make back $214,277 coming in at a 21.428 roas through facebook ads. Over the whole release we finished off at $461,205.04 in total revenue. Can’t imagine what the future holds. To sum up the story of our amazing journey with <mark>client name<mark> we took a brand that could barely scratch a $4,000 release all the way to a $400,000+ release in only a matter of 5 months. The best part being, that <mark>client name<mark> could finally quit his job and continue to focus on his passion. What’s next? Maybe you can see
for yourself...

- the epoc team