Tyler Hanna
Account Manager
San Diego, CA.

Scaling to 7 figure days: revenue growth by 389% YoY


<mark>client name <mark>  is a Los Angeles-based brand that entered the streetwear scene in 2020. Initially recognized for their mesh shorts, the brand has slowly transitioned into producing high-end lifestyle fashion. Over the course of 2 years, <mark> BRAND OWNER<mark> , the owners and designers of the brand, have been introducing new items that have quickly gained traction within the streetwear community. In collaboration with EPOC, we have been able to establish a new brand identity that has endless room for growth. 

The Challenge

Once EPOC was brought on to help <mark> Client Name <mark> achieve its goals, it was time to create a game plan that was going to scale the brand back up to doing 6 figure months. Starting by getting a marketing plan in order. Before Epoc joined the team, most drops could be considered shock drops, (little to no marketing or posting before the release). After a few shock drops we had the opportunity to run a proper pre-release. This allowed us to bring in an entirely new audience for that release, build hype and anticipation, and showcase <mark>client name<mark> to those people. Also with the introduction of new products that the existing audience had never seen before, the final component that needed to be plugged in was Content. 

The Solution:

After a couple of months using our initial strategy, for every drop it became a necessity to join early access if you wanted a chance to purchase the item you wanted. Let that sink in. Drop after drop <mark>client name <mark> had been testing new products, selling out, and pre-buying the next drops inventory so that customers would get their items as fast as possible. As we continued to perfect this structure, we fine tuned our content process. Making sure all of our t’s were crossed and i’s dotted. Utilizing the data brought in on each drop to take top performing creatives and expand on them with the new designs being put out every month. It was a big risk to take starting off the brand identity shift, as the costs of content, pre-purchased inventory, and marketing was adding up. But with the consistency from both EPOC and the <mark>client name<mark> we have been able to scale month after month, and have our eyes set on a 7 figure drop. 

The Results

Starting off 2024 we hit the ground running. Making sure all drops for the first 4 months of the year were set, inventory had been purchased, and content was already in the process. Just in the first 6 drops of the year, we have surpassed 2023’s total revenue by 12%. If comparing to the same date period in 2023, total revenue is up 389%, store sessions up 151%, Orders and Order Value both up over 130%. We stuck to our guns, were confident in every item that has ever been released, and put our faith in heavy pre-release. Out of that, a new brand identity that has unlimited potential was created. 

- the epoc team